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Leadership Education and Development Minor - Note: Prior to the spring 2021 semester, the Leadership Education and Development program was classified as a concentration. Effective spring 2021, the program was reclassified as a minor.

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The information on this page pertains to program requirements for students who matriculated in the 2023-2024 academic year.  View requirements for previous catalog years here.

Program Overview

Drake University offers an undergraduate, interdisciplinary minor in Leadership Education and Development open to all students from any academic major.

LEAD graduates will make significant contributions to Drake and their current and future communities of involvement by exemplifying ethical leadership. LEAD graduates will:

  1. Know thyself and personify the leader-related knowledge, experience and language gained by the depth and breadth coverage of the LEAD minor (traditional and experiential classes).
  2. Exhibit the confidence, competence, and character needed to lead individuals, teams, organizations, and communities for positive social change.
  3. Understand and practice leadership as a collaborative, inclusive, and ethical process.
  4. Typify, model, and teach the skills needed to convene, reflect, inquire, collaborate, empower, and act to improve life for students, citizens, and the larger society.
  5. Exhibit the capacity to understand and work effectively with diverse individuals on-campus and throughout the world.
  6. Be able to lead successfully through conflict with civility.

Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the minor will adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Any student may enroll in the one credit hour leadership foundations course (LEAD 001) or the first three credit hour LEAD 050.  This serves as an introduction to the requirements and expectations of the minor and as a means of testing his/her interest in enrolling in the minor. LEAD 001 and LEAD 050 are offered fall and spring terms.
  2. Admission will follow the requirements of each college. A student may be admitted into the minor by completing the existing major/minor/concentration form used for academic programs.
  3. A student will be admitted to the minor in Leadership Education and Development if s/he is in good academic standing within the College s/he is enrolled and has declared a major. Students on academic probation will be ineligible from enrolling in the minor until they are in good academic standing.
  4. A student may be admitted into the minor when s/he has completed at least 15 credit hours toward a University degree with at least 12 credit-hours earned at Drake.
  5. A student must declare the minor prior to the first semester of his/her Senior year.

Program Requirements

Course Credits
LEAD 001 - Foundations of Leadership 1
LEAD 050 - Leadership: Theory to Practices 3
LEAD 060 - Leadership Experience 1
LEAD 100 - Leadership: Influence and Change 3
LEAD 190 - Capstone Practicum with Reflection 3
LEAD Elective (must be LEAD and/or LEAD cross-listed class) 3
Ethics or Global Elective 3
Leadership Elective 3
Total 20

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