School of Education

Educational Studies Minor

The information on this page pertains to program requirements for students who matriculated in the 2023-2024 academic year.  View requirements for previous catalog years here.

Program Overview

The Educational Studies minor is designed for any Drake student who has an interest in education but does not plan to be a teacher. You will learn about the history of teacher education and the educational system of the United States. Supplementing this knowledge, you will have the opportunity to fill out the minor with electives by choosing courses that match your interest in education.

The Educational Studies Minor allows you to gain valuable perspective regarding the field of education beyond that of being a student. Students pursuing this minor will develop a deeper understanding of teaching, learning, and schooling. This is a tremendous asset that will serve you as a parent, colleague, and community member.

Program Requirements

Course Credits
Required Courses  
EDUC 103 - Foundations of Education 3
Choose two of the following  
EDUC 108 - Student Development and Learning Theory  3
EDUC 109 - Educational Technology 3
EDUC 111 - Educational Planning and  Assessment 3
EDUC 164 - Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Gender 3
SPED 120 - Introduction to Special Education  3
Electives (Choose three additional courses from any of the following subject areas):  
EDUC ### - Education 3
SPED ### - Special Education 3
TESL ### - Teaching English as a Second Language  3
STEM ### - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math  3
Total 18

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