General Information


Except for the Law School, which follows its own calendar structure, Drake University's academic year is comprised of a summer term, a 15-week (excluding final evaluations) fall semester, a three-week January term, and a 15-week (excluding final evaluations) spring semester. Drake University's Drake Online graduate program courses are delivered in six-week blocks over Drake's traditional fall, spring, and summer terms.


Summer 2022

  • May 16 (Mon.)
    Summer term begins
  • May 30 (Mon.)
    Memorial Day (university holiday; classes do not meet)
  • Jun 20 (Mon.)
    Juneteenth observance (university holiday; classes do not meet)
  • Jul 4 (Mon.)
    Independence Day (university holiday; classes do not meet)
  • Aug 21 (Sun.)
    Summer term ends


Fall 2022 (Non Law School)

  • Aug. 29 (Mon.)
    Fall term begins
  • Sept. 5 (Mon.)
    Labor Day (classes do not meet)
  • Oct. 19 (Wed.)
    Midpoint of semester
  • Nov. 23-25 (Wed.)
    Thanksgiving break (classes do not meet)
  • Nov 28 (Mon.)
    Classes resume
  • Dec. 9 (Fri.)
    Day free for study
  • Dec. 12-16 (Mon.-Fri.)
    Final evaluation period
  • Dec. 16 (Fri.)
    Fall term ends
  • Dec. 17 (Sat.)


J-Term 2023

  • Jan. 3 (Tue.)
    Beginning of J-term
  • Jan. 16 (Mon.)
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (university holiday; classes do not meet)
  • Jan. 20 (Fri.)
    End of J-term


Spring 2023 (Non Law School)

  • Jan. 23 (Mon.)
    Spring term begins
  • Mar. 10(Fri.)
    Midpoint of semester
  • Apr. 26-29 (Wed.-Sat.)
    Drake Relays (Non-Law classes suspended for Drake Relays at 1:50pm on Fri, Apr 28)
  • May. 1 (Mon.)
    Non-Law classes resume
  • May 5 (Fri.)
    Day free for study
  • May 8-12 (Mon.-Fri.)
    Final evaluation period
  • May 12 (Fri.)
    Spring term ends
  • May 13 (Sat)


The information in this catalog does not constitute a contract between the university and the student. The university reserves the right to make changes in curricula, admission policies and processes, tuition and financial aid, academic standards and guidelines, student services and any other regulations or policies set forth in this catalog without giving prior notice.