Academic Regulations

Re-Enrollment for Undergraduate Students

Degree-seeking full- or part-time undergraduates who meet the following criteria are required to submit an application for re-enrollment to the Office of the Registrar.

  1. Have been admitted to a Drake University degree program and previously enrolled in classes
  2. Did not register for classes at Drake for at least one fall or spring semester
  3. Are not seeking re-enrollment after a Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence (VMLOA)*
  4. Wish to re-enroll at Drake University

*Students seeking re-enrollment after a VMLOA should contact the dean’s office of their most recent enrollment.

Students are encouraged to begin the re-enrollment process at least two months prior to the beginning of the term in which they intend to re-enroll. The application deadline for each term is indicated in the following table.

Desired Re-enrollment TermDeadline
Summer March 1
Fall July 1
J-Term November 1
Spring December 1

Students applying for re-enrollment who have registered at other college(s) after leaving Drake must provide official transcripts from all institutions attended. The transcripts must bear the official seal and signature of the official in charge of records and be sent directly to Drake's Office of the Registrar by each college or university previously attended. Transcripts that have been in the student's possession are not considered official documents.

Students are subject to the academic regulations and requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.

Students applying for re-enrollment are responsible for clearing any hold on their record before the re-enrollment can be approved or registration for classes can take place.  Students also are responsible for satisfying all re-enrollment requirements that are specific to their desired college/school of re-enrollment.

International students applying for re-enrollment must contact Drake International (515-271-2084) to obtain, complete, and submit a new financial certificate.

Students seeking financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning (515-271-2905).

Students who desire on-campus housing must contact the Office of Residence Life (515-271-3715).

The information in this catalog does not constitute a contract between the university and the student. The university reserves the right to make changes in curricula, admission policies and processes, tuition and financial aid, academic standards and guidelines, student services and any other regulations or policies set forth in this catalog without giving prior notice.