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Interdisciplinary Study of the Humanities and Sciences Concentration

Program Option

  • Interdisciplinary Study of the Humanities and Sciences Concentration

The information on this page pertains to program requirements for students who matriculated in the 2023-2024 academic year.  View requirements for previous catalog years here.

Program Overview

The Interdisciplinary Study of the Humanities and Sciences (ISHS) is an 18-hour concentration that invites students from any academic discipline to investigate topics in humanities and sciences from a variety of perspectives. It engages with historical, philosophical, ethical, cultural, and representational aspects of scientific and mathematical investigation. It also examines social formations, cultural objects and practices, texts, and discourses from empirical and experimental perspectives.

Students will engage with these issues, questions, and perspectives both collaboratively and individually. In doing so, they will develop and articulate their understanding of how scientific inquiry, mathematical reasoning, and humanistic analysis and interpretation relate to one another. Students who successfully complete the concentration in ISHS will be able to articulate a complex, nuanced, reflective, and informed understanding of the way the sciences and humanities interrelate.

Program Requirements

Course Credit
ISHS 100 - Themes in the ISHS 3
Electives - Select 12 credits from the following.  At least six credits must be upper-level:  
ART 070/CHEM 070 - Art and Chemistry 3
CS 083 - Computer Ethics 3
ENG 093 - Reading/Writing Non-Fiction 4
ENG 123 - Climate Fiction 3
ENG 130 - Studies in Literary Genres 0-3
ENG 174/ENG 128/HONR 184 - Theories of Language and Discourse 3
ENSS 061 - Environmental Sociology 3
MATH 017 - Math Pathways 3
PHIL 148/REL 148/HONR 148 - Religion and Science 3
PHIL 173/PHY 189/HONR 173 - Physics and Philosophy 3
PHIL 129/HONR 129 - Philosophy of Science 3
PHIL 130/HONR 128 - Minds, Brains, and Computers 3
PHIL 140/HONR 171 - Neuroscience and the Law 3
PSY 137/WGS 160 - Psychology of Gender 3
SOC 061 - Environmental Sociology 3
SOC 150 - New Materialist Feminisms 3
SOC 164/HONR 157 - Feminism, Nature, Matter 3
STEM 174 - Science Methods and the Nature of Science 3
ISHS 199 - Independent study 3

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