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The information on this page pertains to program requirements for students who matriculated in the 2023-2024 academic year.  View requirements for previous catalog years here.

Program Overview

The Human Resource Concentration is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that focuses on the management of people in organizations. It is available to students of any major who have an interest in human resource (HR) management or related fields.

Human Resources Management Concentration

Course Credits
Drake Curriculum Required Courses 13-14
PSY 001 - Introduction to Psychology (with lab) 4
PSY 011 - Introductory Statistics, or
SOC 158 - Social Science Statistics, or
STAT 060 - Statistics for the Life Sciences, or
STAT 071 - Statistics I, or
STAT 072 – Statistics II, or
ACTS 135 – Mathematical Statistics, or
BIO 140 – Biology Research & Statistical Methods
MGMT 110 - Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT 182 - Introduction to Human Resource Management 3
Electives (12 credits representing a minimum of two subjects, selected from the following courses):  
ECON 115 - Labor Economics 3
INS 051 - Personal Risk Management 3
INS 164 - Information Technology Project Management 3

MGMT 133 - Managing Diversity in the Workplace

or PSY 135 - Psychology of Prejudice


MGMT 135 – Nonprofit Management and Leadership

MGMT 184 - Leadership and Personal Development or LEAD 050 - Leadership: Theory to Practice 3
MGMT 185 – Leading Teams and Organizations  
MGMT 186 - Compensation and Benefits 3
PSY 085 - Organizational Psychology 3
PSY 133 - Psychological Assessment 4
PSY 183 - Industrial Psychology 3
TD 115 - Needs Analysis and Evaluation 3
BUS 191 - Internship in Business**, or
PSY 192/192C - Internship**
Special topics classes related to HRM including but not limited to MGMT 98, MGMT 198, PSY 95, PSY 195, SCSS 150 (with approval from the HRM Concentration Program Coordinator). 3
TOTAL 24-26

Important Notes

**Internships must be approved by HRM Program Coordinator.

Any course taken to fulfill the “Required Courses” category may not simultaneously fulfill the “Electives” category.

Students must select their elective courses from at least TWO subject areas. Courses with different prefixes (e.g. MGMT, PSY, TD, LEAD, BUS) represent different subject areas.


Students are encouraged to complete an internship in HR during either their junior or senior year. Internships in HR are available during the school year and summer months.  These opportunities allow students to gain valuable on-the-job experiences and a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Students are encouraged to join the Drake Student HR Association.

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