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Program Overview

The degree program is designed for individuals who hold undergraduate degrees in a field outside of education but would like to obtain teaching certification at the middle or high school level.  (Students interested in teaching at the elementary or middle school level should consider the Master of Science in Teaching program.)

Program Requirements

In addition to courses needed to receive a teaching license, students fulfill requirements for at least one endorsement area while attending Drake.  An advisor will work with students to see which courses from students' undergraduate transcripts may count toward an endorsement.  The number of courses required to complete an endorsement will depend on how many of undergraduate courses fulfill state requirements.

  • Minimum of 36 graduate hours
  • Must include at least one teaching endorsement at the secondary level
  • Acceptance to Teacher Education (Note: the criteria below do not reflect admission criteria for the M.A.T. program itself)
    • Two faculty recommendations
    • Minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0
Course Credits
Pre-Professional Coursework
EDUC 203 - Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 208 - Student Development and Learning Theory 3
EDUC 211 - Educational Planning and Assessment 3
EDUC 261 - Technology Integration in the Classroom 3
EDUC 264 - Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Gender 3
SPED 220 - Introduction to Exceptional Children & Adults 3
Acceptance to Teacher Education requires two faculty recommendations and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.  
Secondary Methods Coursework
EDUC 242 - Reading at the Secondary Level and Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design 3
EDUC 232 - Methods of Teaching in the Secondary Level 3
Special Methods Course - Select one course below based on the appropriate content area.
EDUC 083 - Art Methods 3
EDUC 233 - Secondary Business Methods 2
EDUC 236 - Secondary Science Methods 3
EDUC 238 - Secondary Social Studies 2
EDUC 241 - Secondary Language Arts 3
EDUC 246 - World Language Methods 3
EDUC 250 - Secondary Reading Methods 3
MATH 145 - Secondary Math Methods 3
STEM 274 - Science Safety Inquiry 3
Student Teaching
EDUC 263 - Seminar for Student Teaching 1
EDUC 268 - Student Teaching Practicum, Secondary 8
EDUC 269 - ePortfolio Seminar for Student Teaching 1
Total Hours 36

Special note about practicum hours:

  • If you anticipate that you will teach in a state adjacent to Iowa, you need to complete 20 additional practicum hours.  This can be done by adding hours to a practicum required for a course or by enrolling in EDUC 204 - Education Practicum.  EDUC 204 can be counted as elective credit for the M.A.T. degree.
  • If you anticipate teaching in a state beyond those adjacent to Iowa, obtain information regarding that state's requirements for practicum hours and plan accordingly.


  • Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis; therefore, it is requested that all materials be submitted approximately 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the intended start-term.
  • Upon the receipt of transcripts, an advisor will complete a transcript evaluation in order to determine any credit or course substitutions/transfers. 
  • Questions regarding the application process can be forwarded to the Coordinator of Graduate Admission at or 515-271-2552.

The information in this catalog does not constitute a contract between the university and the student. The university reserves the right to make changes in curricula, admission policies and processes, tuition and financial aid, academic standards and guidelines, student services and any other regulations or policies set forth in this catalog without giving prior notice.