School of Education

Vision Statement

Faculty, staff and students of the School of Education model leadership in the core areas of academic reflection, collaborative learning and social justice. Leadership embodies the importance of creating and educating strong systemic leaders at every level in the academic setting.

  • A belief in academic reflection assumes the importance of intellect, knowledge and reason. The School of Education is a place of inquiry and scholarship in the liberal and professional arts.
  • A belief in collaborative learning assumes the importance of active participation and mutual responsibility among faculty, students and constituent communities. The School of Education fosters active learning and teaching.
  • A belief in social justice assumes the importance of education as a major pathway toward the values of democracy and equity. The School of Education promotes lifelong learning as purposeful activity that advances global citizenship and a just society.

Mission Statement

The School of Education is a diverse community of collaborative learners dedicated to the preparation, licensure, advancement and continuing education of teachers, counselors, school administrators, human resource development professionals and other educational leaders of learning communities. Drake University has been a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education since the association's inception. The school is fully accredited by the Iowa Department of Education and the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools for the preparation of elementary teachers, secondary teachers, school and rehabilitation counselors and school administrators. For more information about the Drake University School of Education, see the School of Education web site.

Areas of Study




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