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Multimedia Journalism

The information on this page pertains to program requirements for students who matriculated in the 2020-2021 academic year.  View requirements for previous catalog years here.

Program Option

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (B.A.J.M.C.) with a major in Multimedia Journalism

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Program Overview

As Multimedia Journalism majors, students gain knowledge and multimedia skills needed for careers in reporting, editing, management or publishing, in print and online.

Graduates work on publication staffs, in the news and production departments of other news media and agencies, in public information positions and in website editing positions.

Approximately 70 students are enrolled in the major. Average class size is 15 students.

Accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Drake is among 115 accredited programs worldwide. To earn accreditation, schools meet 9 standards, which address such issues as class size, diversity, student services and curriculum. Accreditation reviews occur every 6 years. Drake’s program has been continuously accredited, most recently in 2011.

Degree Requirements

  • Meet all requirements of the Drake Curriculum
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average during the first 30 credit hours
  • Maintain a 2.25 grade point average at Drake after the 30th credit hour
  • Maintain a 2.25 grade point average in SJMC course work after the 30th credit hour

Students should work with their advisers to ensure selection of courses best-suited to their educational and career objectives.  Please see Graduation Requirements and Regulations sections of the catalog for additional information.

Multimedia Journalism Major Requirements

Required courses for the Multimedia Journalism major are as follows:

Course Credits
School of Journalism and Mass Communication Core Courses
INTD 025 - Bulldog Foundations 1
JMC 030 - Mass Media in a Global Society 3
JMC 031 - Multimedia Lab 1
JMC 040 - Pre-Professional Workshop 1
JMC 041 - Financial Fundamentals for Communication Professionals 1
JMC 054 - Reporting and Writing Principles 3
JMC 055 - Digital Media Strategies 3
JMC 059 - Introduction to Visual Communication 3
JMC 104 - Communication Law and Ethics 3
POLS 001 - American Political System 3
Non-SJMC courses - Select 72 credits of courses not offered within the SJMC. At least 48 of those credits must come from the College of Arts & Sciences and must include POLS 001 and one course in sociology (SCSS). ECON 002, ECON 010, STAT 040, STAT 050, STAT 060, STAT 071, entrepreneurship (ENTR), and Health Sciences (HSCI) count as Arts & Sciences credit. At least 40 credits must be in courses numbered 100 or higher. 80
Area of Concentration - All SJMC majors must complete a 21-credit block of courses not offered within the SJMC. This block must be approved by the student's adviser and dean. At least 12 of these credits must be in courses numbered 100 or higher. Courses taken to satisfy requirements in other areas may also count toward this requirement. 21
Multimedia Journalism Major Courses
HIST 076 - America from 1877 to Present 3
JMC 063 - Video for Journalists 3
JMC 070 - Media Editing 3
JMC 098 - Advanced Reporting 3
JMC 103 - Public Affairs Reporting 3
JMC 105 - Web Page Design 3
JMC 172 - Journalism Capstone 3
Writing and Creation Elective (Choose One)  
JMC 057 - Video Production 3
JMC 067 - Digital Audio Writing and Production 3
JMC 075 - Digital Photography 3
JMC Electives - select with advisor 5

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