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Business-Law 3+3 Program

Law and Business Minor


Business/Law 3+3 Program

With the Business/Law 3+3 program, students must satisfy all College of Business and Public Administration major requirements in their first three years with the exception of the 124 hour graduation requirement. Students save their elective hours to use in the first year of law school and may choose any major within the college as their undergraduate major. 

All business majors are required to take at least one course in business law, with an option to take more.

Requirements for a Minor in Law and Business

Students can earn a concentration in business law, strengthening their preparation and credentials for law school.  If accepted into Drake University Law School, students should finish the 124 hour graduation requirement for their undergraduate degree during the first year of law school.

Course Credits
ACCT 041 - Intro to Financial Accounting, or
FIN 095 - Managing Individual Finances
BLAW 060 - Business Law I 3
BLAW 120 - Business Law II 3
BLAW 180 - Legal Issues in Business Organizations 3
Choose two of the following  
ACCT 185 - Individual Taxation 3
ACCT 186 - Business Entity Taxation 3
BLAW 190 - Legal Topics/Current Interest 3
BUS 090 - Intro to Business Ethics 3
ECON 120 - Regulation & Anti-Trust Policy 3
INS 051 - Personal Risk Management 3
INS 141 - Business Risk Management 3
JMC 104 - Communications Law and Ethics 3
LIBR 099 – Copyright Issues in the U.S. 3
PHIL 090 - Ethics 3
POLS 190 - Seminar in Constitutional Law 3
Or equivalent course as approved by Department  

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